Hallberg Rassy


this Hallberg Rassy is in exceptionally good condition. beautiful lines she already had, now she is also beautifully equipped.

  • Hallberg Rassy
  • Monsun 31
  • 1982
  • polyester
  • 9,5
  • 2,85m
  • 1,4
  • Belgium

The hallberg rassy monsun 31 is a true piece of art. With its beautiful lines, and s-tensioned shape, it sails very nicely. During the last few years this specimen has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Both inside and on deck there is a new teak floor. The engine has been thoroughly maintained, and there is brand new electronics on board. The cushions have also been renewed and the sanitary facilities have been modernised. A heating system is on board. A bow thruster and a windpilot are just a few of the additional advantages of this hallberg-rassy monsun 31.


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